Merci Miglino has been promoting ideas and people for over 20 years. A former teacher, reporter, communications director, campaign manager. Merci is an inspirational humorist, trainer and professional and personal strategist for individuals and organizations. Her personal clients include entrepreneurs, career-changers, students, coaches and other practitioners. She lives in Albany, NY (for now) with her husband and daughter.

Beyonce … Madonna … J.Lo … Bette Midler … Barbra Streisand. Are they spoiled, bitchy, vain and downright mean or at the top of their game because they are talented, rich and powerful? Merci Miglino explores our conflicted emotions about divas and why, more often than not, we secretly want to be just like them!

This entertaining, unique event –
based on Merci’s book – covers it all!
10 steps you can take to personal stardom.
How to stop tolerating things that drive you crazy.
Why pampering IS good.
How to cultivate your own diva-tude.
What Diva-vision is and how you can get it.

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