Showcase/Vendor Registration


Company Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Your name________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________  Phone: __________________________

Description of Business: _____________________________________________________________

If you will be selling items, please list items: _____________________________________________


Please circle your selections:

Full table (8-foot) …………………..   $195     OR       Half table (4-foot) ………………….   $145

Tables include 1 Event/Lunch ticket ~ Please list name of people attending/staffing table & meal choices

Name: ___________________________________/ Phone # ________________________ *included

Email: ________________________________Meal Choice: ________________________  with table

Up to 2 additional assistants are able to attend at a reduced rate of $49 per person, please add below:

Name:___________________________________/ Phone # ________________________

Email: ________________________________Meal Choice: _______________________ $ 49

Name: ___________________________________/ Phone # ________________________

Email: ________________________________Meal Choice: _______________________$ 49

Meal choices:

____ Asiago Chicken with pancetta cream sauce (can be made gluten-free upon request)

____ 3-cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells w/marinara sauce & sautéed spinach (vegetarian)

____ Charred Atlantic Salmon w/green curry butter (gluten free and also vegetarian)

____ Vegan:  Chef’s Choice


Will you need a table?    Yes   or   No                  * Skirted tables and 2 chairs are included          

Do you have a high-backed display?   Yes   or   No

Do you require electricity?    Yes   or No  * If yes – you are REQUIRED to bring your own extension cords and must have hotel staff tape and secure your cord

To confirm your vendor registration, please complete the Showcase / Vendor Registration form:

Questions? Please contact Ginny Robert,, or text (607) 341-3763

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